Zipcar Savings

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Zipcars are one of the car sharing companies which are an alternative to the traditional rental car companies. Although unlike the traditional car rental companies, Zipcar requires that you pay a membership fee before you can use their cars but there are zipcar coupons 2016 available which will make your first use cheaper. Zipcars do however have some advantages over traditional car rental and the main one is that the cost of the rental includes both fuel and insurance whilst with a more traditional type of rental, these would have to be paid in addition to any rental fee. Another advantage of Zipcars is that they can be rented by the hour whereas the minimum rental period with the traditional method is one day. This can of course save you money if you only need a car for a couple of hours. This is one advantage that businesses are making the most of, renting for a couple of hours in order to attend a meeting across town. One other advantage of Zipcars is that in order to access your selected car, all you need to do is run your membership card across the windshield which is very convenient; no waiting and no fuss. There are however some disadvantages of Zipcars over more traditional rentals. First, although the pick-up may be convenient, the state of cleanliness of the car may not be. Sometimes as these cars are shared, one may have only just been returned in time for your rental and so the condition the car is in, is very dependent on the last person that rented it. Another disadvantage is that although fuel and insurance may be free, you will probably be limited to using the car for only 180 miles per day; this is opposed to traditional car rentals allowing you an option for unlimited mileage. Further disadvantages are that Zipcars are only available in the cities and that you have to return them to the same parking spot as you picked them up from. Some more traditional rental companies have cars throughout the country, in towns as well as cities and many of them allow you to pick-up a car in one town and return it in another.

Although Zipcars can be more convenient and often cheaper than traditional rentals, if you want a car which you know will be clean and generally in good shape when you receive it, you are better off with a traditional rental as, if it is not all you expect when picking it up, you can it to be replaced. Also although having to pay for insurance may seem at first as a disadvantage, remember that most credit cards will offer you free car rental insurance if you pay for the rental by using their card. Different circumstances may require different priorities and so it is best to know that now both these types of rentals exist and choose the one which best suits each particular time and purpose you want the rental for.